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88-2 District Court Civil Division


The District Court Civil Division has jurisdiction over General Civil cases up to $25,000, Small claims up to $6,000, Landlord/Tenant cases up to $25,000 and Land Contract Forfeiture cases.


Small Claims

Pursuant to MCL 600.8401, the jurisdiction of the small claims division shall be confined to cases

for the recovery of money in which the amount claimed does not exceed the following:


Beginning January 1, 2015, $5,500.00.

Beginning January 1, 2018, $6,000.00.

Beginning January 1, 2021, $6,500.00

Beginning January 1, 2024, $7,000.00.


*Small claims shall be conducted by either judge or attorney magistrate


*No attorney representation permitted


*Attorneys shall not take part in the prosecution or defense of litigation (unless he/she is pursuing her own claim) 


*Any party may file for removal to general civil division of the district court


*Attorneys are prohibited from participating in post judgment enforcement proceedings in the small claims division

Small claims form with instructions Click Here


General Civil Process

If a civil dispute between parties involves a claim of under $25,000 the District Court handles these General

Civil matters. In a General Civil case both the plaintiff and defendant may be represented by an attorney.


Filing Fees vary with the amount of the claim. 


Civil Forms Click Here

Landlord/Tenant & Land Contract Forfeiture

The district court has jurisdiction over all landlord/tenant matters up to $25,000, including evictions and land contract forfeiture proceedings after the redemption period has passed.  


Please visit the following links for self-help.


For a complete guide to landlord/tenant self-help Click Here

For land contract forfeiture self help Click Here

For landlord tenant and land contract forfeiture court forms Click Here


Process/Paper Service

The 88th District Court, Montmorency County, utilizes the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Office for small

claims, general civil, landlord-tenant/land contract forfeiture paper service as well as Orders of Eviction. 


Please contact Donna Baranyai at 989-785-4238 for arrangements. 


Appointed Court Officer for Orders of Eviction or Property Seizures please call:


Rick Risk & Associates at 616-374-7170 or 989-255-8145

The clerks of the court are not attorneys and are prohibited by law from providing legal advice.     

Their responsibility includes accepting your filing and the fee associated with each claim.

Clerks are not allowed to offer any assistance to you in completing or processing your paperwork.

Updated 1/21/20

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