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88-2 District Court Criminal Division


88th District Court has the jurisdiction to:

  • Hold Misdemeanor and Felony arraignments

  • Issue Arrest/Search Warrants

  • Set Bail and accept Bonds For a list of approved bondsman for 26th Circuit/88th District CLICK HERE

  • Preside over Preliminary Examinations for felony cases or accept a felony plea with sentencing being held in circuit court.

  • Assess/collect fines & costs on misdemeanor dispositions/sentencing


Criminal Cases


All criminal cases, for persons seventeen (17) years or older, begin in the district court. The district court explains to the defendant the charges, his or her rights and the possible consequences if convicted of the charge.

The NE Michigan Regional Defender Office will provide an attorney to be present at arraignment for every defendant that is beginning the court process with a misdemeanor or felony charge. After completing the proper paperwork, the indigent defender’s office will determine the eligibility of a defendant to continue receiving representation throughout the case.


For more information please contact Rick Steiger, administrator for MIDC  in Montmorency County. 

NE Michigan Regional Defender Office
615 W. Chisholm St.
Alpena, MI  49707

Issuance of arrest/search warrants are conducted through the district court office of the magistrate as well as bail bond amount determination and collection of the bond money. Bonds are returned at the time of sentencing to the poster or applied toward the fines & costs assessed if posted by the defendant.


If the defendant is charged with a misdemeanor that is punishable by not more than one year in jail, the district court will conduct a trial and sentence the defendant if found guilty.

In felony cases (generally, cases that are punishable by more than one year in prison), the district court will set the bail amount and hold a probable cause conference and preliminary examination to determine if a crime was committed and if there is probable cause to believe the defendant committed the crime. If so, the case is transferred to the circuit court for trial.

Fines & Costs 


All fines and court fees assessed in your case are scheduled to be paid by a due date ordered by the judge. If you are having financial hardship, you must contact the court to make payment arrangements.  If you do not have fees paid in full by the due date, then you will need to appear in court for a scheduled "Show Cause" hearing. This is usually set for the same day that your fees are due.  


Payment of all court fees is to be made at the 88th District Court Office, County Courthouse, Atlanta, Michigan. Office hours are 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. The Court accepts payments by cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or cashier's check. You may make payment arrangements with the District Judge at the time of sentencing, or you may pay in full all at one time.

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